Saturday, January 10, 2009


I always thought that writing a blog was a pointless exercise, after all who would read someones thoughts, ideas, reflections, opinion, blah blah blah, after all I don't, so why would someone else. But day before yesterday happened, nothing extraordinary, just another empty day, like always I was going through the world past and present in my mind, mulling over ideas and actions of people, what it means to me, how it affects others, how hidden agendas, political motivations have irrevocably changed the course of our nation and people as a whole and continues to do so.

Then it brings me to a thought, does my opinion really matter, who cares. But then even if it does not and no one cares, I will go forth and put my views across, I decided I will record them than let it become a spaghetti in my mind.

Thus this blog took root and germinated into an idea. Hope it will help cut through the fog of war of thousands of years and open the readers mind to a different view and spread awareness on a lot of topics that is seriously lacking or is misunderstood.

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  1. I saw the video of Mr. Elst before hitting upon your blog and always used to wonder about who is the individual who uploaded this video?

    Today I have finally found you! Continue the great work my fellow Indic, for many need to be awakened yet!