Saturday, January 5, 2019

Arun Jaitley on Congress Kashmir Fiasco!

Arun Jaitley shows the mirror to Congress on how they destroyed Kashmir and alienated its people starting from 1980's to until 1990's when terror was at its peak. How after destroying Kashmir they quietly ran away. A must watch video!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Duds of Bollywood!

A sneak peek into what ails movie making in India.

Indian movie making is not about narrating a story, it is about propaganda, false narrative and political correctness. Indian movie makers handicapped by intellect and real up to date research use music, dance, non existent romance and love angles to tell their stories. Indian movie makers somehow have come to the conclusion that Indian movie goers are not intellectually sophisticated to watch a movie unless the standard 'masala' is not included. Indian movie makers actually insults the intelligence of the paying public. Here are a few things I have observed lately and using some current examples to showcase my point, by no means are these points reserved for these movies alone....they can be applied to any Indian Bollywood movie.

While Jack Dorsey of Twitter got trashed for his anti Brahmin poster activism...we Hindus have been very ignorant and even tolerant towards anti Brahmanism in our movies. The above example is just a mere sample of the uncharitable way Brahmins are presented in Indian movies....even movies down the ages have presented Brahmins as cunning, conniving people, causing strife in an otherwise peaceful society....its high time we reject such generalisation of people, especially people who have been the custodians of our culture, traditions and Sanatana Dharma.  It is time we force our so called intellectual movie makers to rethink and give up their false prejudices.
PS: When these tweets were composed, the fate of #ThugsofHindostan was not out. We all know that the movie did badly and rightly so. I saw the trailers and immediately had predicted a 'dud bomb' and I was proven correct. The movie had no legs to stand on.  

I havent watched the movie, but I am positive the movie did not stick true to the book of Philip Meadows Taylor as it would have hurt Indian sensibilities and neither was it able to connect with Indians who actually don't know much about the Thugs or was there really a cult of Thugs as the British made it out to be or was it merely a colonial atrocity literature for European consumption and portray Hindu's as devil worshipping evil people. At any rate Indians care a rats arse about who the Thugs were.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Irfan Habib...imminent historian

Monday, May 28, 2018

Do we need corporates to publish how much they donate to each political party?

Transparency for the sake of it is unnecessary and dangerous. There is absolutely no need for companies to divulge details on which political parties they fund. This can have dangerous and negative repercussions for corporates. Political parties already put out details of their funding, how much fund is received from what source....corporate, individuals etc. Asking companies to provide further details of the amount they donate to each political party will only open a Pandora's box creating unwanted complications for the companies as pro or anti specific political party or ideology. Today to the best of my knowledge, corporates fund all political parties and in most cases equitable to their national and political stature, this is a good practice and should be maintained, lets not fix what is not broke except the foreign funding as in the case of AAP where Dutch, Norwegian and Danish embassies provided funds to Arvind Kejriwals party. Any further detailing on how much was donated to specific party will lead to political vendetta and a feeling of persecution intended or unintended.

Also for the general public, this information will only create divisions and irritation, bracketing companies as a pro BJP or a pro Congress or pro CPM or pro SP company. Do we really need this? Do we really need to now categories company as per political ideologies? What will we gain from such information? How does it matter how much Reliance, Bajaj, Escorts, L&T or Godrej or other smaller companies donate to each political party.... Congress decline in funding [-62%] is relative to its perceived political stature, leadership and its performance at the hustings, BJP on the other hand has grown significantly at a national level. People consider BJP as a viable political organization worth backing politically and financially, there is no other complicated answer to this unless we want to complicate it to obfuscate. 

These kind of transparency seeking NGO's or Associations [mentioned in link] are dangerous, their agenda unknown cloaked under a well meaning innocent sounding title of 'transparency', 'accountability' or 'sustainable' etc. These organizations manipulate data to create fissures in a already fractured society. We should resist their attempts, expose and shame them!

Narendra Modi’s unfulfilled promises: In 5th year, PM must take a hard look at opaque political funding rules

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Congress's Dangerous Ideology

Karnataka State Assembly elections May 2018. Congress finished a scrappy 5 year term and the people voted them out giving BJP a 104 seat mandate, 7 short of a simple majority. Congress performed badly and lost 43 seats compared to 2014 finishing 2nd with 78 seats. JD[S] the third party in the fray closed at 38, 2 seats lesser compared to their last outing. In summary, BJP emerged as the single largest party with 104 seats with Congress and JD[S] a distant second and third.

The state governor has invited BJP to form the govt, but longterm bitter foes and arch enemies JD[S] and Congress have swallowed their pride and shed their self respect to form an alliance in a bid to form the next government. Both put thogether can deliver a simple majority government of 116 MLA's but the crux of the matter is not mathematics but ideology. Their ideology is simple, we will now allow Modi to win, we will do anything and everything possible to defeat him and keep BJP out of power. Keeping up with this idelogy Congress the senior partner, a national level party and an incumbent with 78 seats has offered Kumarswamy of JD[S] with 38 seats the CM post in a bid to keep him away from BJP.

What does this say about Congress who has had a long running war with JD[S]. Congress is ready to ally and partner with anyone who will help it keep Modi and BJP out of power. So if in a election in Telangana or Andhra Pradesh if Congress falls short of a simple majority will they ally with Owaisi's and offer him the CM post just to keep Modi and BJP out. Watching today's alliance drama Congress will sleep with the devil to retain power or keep Modi out of power. This is Congress's dangerous ideology we have to be careful about.

It should not come as a surprise to anyone...Congress were in a pre-poll alliance with SDPI [PFI] the Islamic terrorist organization of Kerala, posing as a secular political outfit, trying to expand into Karnataka and Tamil Nadu with the help of Congress.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

What Congress want from the Ram Janm Boomi [RJB] case?

A learned lawyer has written a piece in the Swarajyamag outlining Kapil Sibal's agenda, nice read but I am not sure it does justice to the title. I on the other hand have a different take on Congress perfidious objective behind opposing the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Congress political position has been to promote a compromise and capitulation formula for the Hindus. Hindus should give up exclusive claims to the 'Ram Janm Sthan'. Basically Congress wants to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, meaning it wants to retain its Muslim vote bank by appearing to be their savior by stopping Hindu's from taking over the entire land exclusively and at the same time appear to be a champion for the Hindu cause by ensuring a Ram Janm Bhoomi temple howsoever compromised this formula may be for the Hindu's. Knowing very well the Hindu mindset for compromise, Congress is playing its cards to roll back Hindu aspirations. I can already hear many Hindu's say 'at least we got a temple...all is well'

I am not a hawk but I want Hindu' 'aastha' and belief to be respected and given full recognition but surely not through a compromise formula. Its common knowledge that thousands of Hindu temples were destroyed over 500 years of Islamic Hindus are asking but for minuscule fraction of that loss to be restored. How difficult is it in our own homeland.

Below are links to my video interview with Koenraad Elst, foremost expert on the Ram Janm Bhoomi case and has appeared in court on many occasions to provide evidence on the existence of a Hindu temple under the Babri mosque.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Christian Conversion Love and Love Jihad, a K. Balachander movie

Christian Conversion Love and Love age old phenomenon, a topic disucussed even in Tamil movies [Kalyana Agathigal by K.Balachander] way back in it still possible in India today?

The Christian church and the Islamist wielded less influence and power than they do today. Today they will silence such open discussion under the euphemism of freedom of religion, facism, growing Hindutva, intolerance and some such drivel. I guess as a society we should openly discuss relgious conversion and Love Jihad and make people aware.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Hindu Deities Worshipped in Japan!

A must watch documentary on the deep cultural roots India and Japan share!

Monday, May 22, 2017

David Mulford US Ambassador to India on the 'Rise and rise of India'

A must watch speech by former US Ambassador to India, David Mulford about rise of India and how Modi is changing India in a big way which will have very far reaching impact. Its very interesting to note that a foreigner and a former Ambassador has better understanding of India's economic growth, challenges, positive policy changes, governance in India than so called Indian arm chair experts. 

Acknowledgement of Pakistan attack on Indian Parliament, time stamp 00:8:00 min
Acknowledgement of Indian surgical strike, time stamp 1:00:00
On Pakistan being declared a state sponsor of terrorism, time stamp 1:02:00