Monday, May 28, 2018

Do we need corporates to publish how much they donate to each political party?

Transparency for the sake of it is unnecessary and dangerous. There is absolutely no need for companies to divulge details on which political parties they fund. This can have dangerous and negative repercussions for corporates. Political parties already put out details of their funding, how much fund is received from what source....corporate, individuals etc. Asking companies to provide further details of the amount they donate to each political party will only open a Pandora's box creating unwanted complications for the companies as pro or anti specific political party or ideology. Today to the best of my knowledge, corporates fund all political parties and in most cases equitable to their national and political stature, this is a good practice and should be maintained, lets not fix what is not broke except the foreign funding as in the case of AAP where Dutch, Norwegian and Danish embassies provided funds to Arvind Kejriwals party. Any further detailing on how much was donated to specific party will lead to political vendetta and a feeling of persecution intended or unintended.

Also for the general public, this information will only create divisions and irritation, bracketing companies as a pro BJP or a pro Congress or pro CPM or pro SP company. Do we really need this? Do we really need to now categories company as per political ideologies? What will we gain from such information? How does it matter how much Reliance, Bajaj, Escorts, L&T or Godrej or other smaller companies donate to each political party.... Congress decline in funding [-62%] is relative to its perceived political stature, leadership and its performance at the hustings, BJP on the other hand has grown significantly at a national level. People consider BJP as a viable political organization worth backing politically and financially, there is no other complicated answer to this unless we want to complicate it to obfuscate. 

These kind of transparency seeking NGO's or Associations [mentioned in link] are dangerous, their agenda unknown cloaked under a well meaning innocent sounding title of 'transparency', 'accountability' or 'sustainable' etc. These organizations manipulate data to create fissures in a already fractured society. We should resist their attempts, expose and shame them!

Narendra Modi’s unfulfilled promises: In 5th year, PM must take a hard look at opaque political funding rules

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