Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Congress's Dangerous Ideology

Karnataka State Assembly elections May 2018. Congress finished a scrappy 5 year term and the people voted them out giving BJP a 104 seat mandate, 7 short of a simple majority. Congress performed badly and lost 43 seats compared to 2014 finishing 2nd with 78 seats. JD[S] the third party in the fray closed at 38, 2 seats lesser compared to their last outing. In summary, BJP emerged as the single largest party with 104 seats with Congress and JD[S] a distant second and third.

The state governor has invited BJP to form the govt, but longterm bitter foes and arch enemies JD[S] and Congress have swallowed their pride and shed their self respect to form an alliance in a bid to form the next government. Both put thogether can deliver a simple majority government of 116 MLA's but the crux of the matter is not mathematics but ideology. Their ideology is simple, we will now allow Modi to win, we will do anything and everything possible to defeat him and keep BJP out of power. Keeping up with this idelogy Congress the senior partner, a national level party and an incumbent with 78 seats has offered Kumarswamy of JD[S] with 38 seats the CM post in a bid to keep him away from BJP.

What does this say about Congress who has had a long running war with JD[S]. Congress is ready to ally and partner with anyone who will help it keep Modi and BJP out of power. So if in a election in Telangana or Andhra Pradesh if Congress falls short of a simple majority will they ally with Owaisi's and offer him the CM post just to keep Modi and BJP out. Watching today's alliance drama Congress will sleep with the devil to retain power or keep Modi out of power. This is Congress's dangerous ideology we have to be careful about.

It should not come as a surprise to anyone...Congress were in a pre-poll alliance with SDPI [PFI] the Islamic terrorist organization of Kerala, posing as a secular political outfit, trying to expand into Karnataka and Tamil Nadu with the help of Congress.

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