Thursday, March 29, 2018

What Congress want from the Ram Janm Boomi [RJB] case?

A learned lawyer has written a piece in the Swarajyamag outlining Kapil Sibal's agenda, nice read but I am not sure it does justice to the title. I on the other hand have a different take on Congress perfidious objective behind opposing the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Congress political position has been to promote a compromise and capitulation formula for the Hindus. Hindus should give up exclusive claims to the 'Ram Janm Sthan'. Basically Congress wants to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, meaning it wants to retain its Muslim vote bank by appearing to be their savior by stopping Hindu's from taking over the entire land exclusively and at the same time appear to be a champion for the Hindu cause by ensuring a Ram Janm Bhoomi temple howsoever compromised this formula may be for the Hindu's. Knowing very well the Hindu mindset for compromise, Congress is playing its cards to roll back Hindu aspirations. I can already hear many Hindu's say 'at least we got a temple...all is well'

I am not a hawk but I want Hindu' 'aastha' and belief to be respected and given full recognition but surely not through a compromise formula. Its common knowledge that thousands of Hindu temples were destroyed over 500 years of Islamic Hindus are asking but for minuscule fraction of that loss to be restored. How difficult is it in our own homeland.

Below are links to my video interview with Koenraad Elst, foremost expert on the Ram Janm Bhoomi case and has appeared in court on many occasions to provide evidence on the existence of a Hindu temple under the Babri mosque.

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