Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Hindu social revolution and cultural awareness needed and not just education

In reaction to my post ''Unfettering the Hindu mind'' Manish Shirvalkar, a friend of mine asked me, how does one act or put into practice this awareness of injustice towards the the Hindu religion and Indian civilisation. I promised a response and this is my answer. 

Being aware is the first step. If you become aware and knowledgeable of the facts and know that injustice and great harm is being done to the Hindu minds and its people via various modes and one such medium is formal education in schools and colleges then ensure that you educate and inform your children and others around you about the highly fallacious knowledge being imparted and the motive behind it. Share with them the real knowledge, the truth which is in fact something wonderfully different and very positive about Hindus and Indians. Correcting this wrong is a first step. You will be surprised how quickly people will see your point of view because in our heart of heart we know what is being taught is not true because it does not co-relate with our value and belief systems and we Hindus accept and respect all under the sun. Once the ulterior motives of the McCaulay, Marxist, Congress, Christian combine is clearly established the comprehension will dawn on people automatically. 

It my firm belief that the only way Hindu's can claim back their pride and their rightful place as the mother of all civilisation, culture and lingua is through a social change, a social awakening of its people and not ONLY through education which has been imposed upon us. A education that confuses and divides us further in caste, class and parochialism and leaves us with a negative feeling about ourselves. Let me give an example here to state that education does nothing to uplift the people. A truck driver in Europe (where I currently live and thus have some close interactions with locals) has more road and civic sense than a educated BA, BSc. or even a MBA or Engineering graduate in India. Why is this the case? Because the truckee has more awareness of his social obligation and responsibilities to the society and the people around him than probably educated people. Awareness of social obligation and responsibilities come from awareness itself and pride in what you are and who you are. 

I for one don't buy the argument that education alone will improve India and the state of mind of the vast Hindu majority. How can it free the mind and heart if it was designed and is imparted to divide, denigrate and enslave. What will really help bring real change is a social and cultural awareness.  

Continuing in the same context, today, Anurag Dixit another close friend of mine and with whom I share similar ideas and thoughts sent me the following link...

This is not something new and has been happening during all the elections that I can remember. Christians and Muslims pool their resources and people and issue diktats to their people on whom to vote and not to vote, use their position of religious office to sway political sentiments. Secularism and associated nonsense is just a cover for electing a party that will serve their interest and help in furthering their cause. Which is to elect a government that will help them rule and control the majority Hindu's. The Mughlas have perished and the British have left but the Hindu enslavement continues even to this day, needless to say with support from Hindu's themselves, in some cases due to vested interest by the likes of Congress, Mayawati, Mulayam Singh, Lalu Prasad, YSR Reddy, Karunanidhi to name a few, but in the most cases out of sheer ignorance and lack of any unifying force.

The caste and sub caste politics and regional parochialism dominates the Hindu mind than the feeling of oneness, the knowledge that we Hindu's are being exploited in our own country is somewhere lost or we choose to ignore it. This is where I firmly believe that a social and cultural revolution will bring change for the Hindu's and unite them under one banner than any amountof  election time sloganeering. 

The social and cultural revolution has to happen at the grass roots and the epi centre should be our temples which since time immemorial have been the centres of our learning and day to day life. Our ancient culture and civilisation revolved around and evolved from these great places of worship, and even now they can become potent and relevent symbols of Hindu revival. The temples will act as a rallying points and a unifying force across the caste divide and give the Hindus the oneness in purpose. These centers will not only educate the people and rid them of the baggage heaped on us over the centuries of colonial rule but also allow us to unite with pride as Hindus. 

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