Monday, March 22, 2010

A pictorial tour of Hindu temples converted to mosques!!!

A excellent graphic account of the assault Hindus and Hindu temples faced under the muslim rule. A picture speaks better than a thousand words and there are many pictures here on how Temples were defaced and destroyed to make mosques. One can only imagine the bloodshed and carnage that would have preceded such destruction. The Brahmin put to the sword at the very altar of his God, his wife raped and his children sold into slavery. The same fate would meet the villagers and town folks strong enough to resist or refuse to convert to islam.

Now the congress and the marxist are trying to build a pseudo secular country over the dead bodies of millions of Hindu women, children and men, desecrated Hindu temples and Gods and a lost national identity. How dare can they ask Hindus to forget and forgive? How can they brush everything under the carpet and say its all in the past? How dare congress, the marxist and the media can tell Hindus to behave? How dare these people can tell Hindus anything at all in our own country?

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