Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Scientific validation of the Vedas by scientist, mathematicians, astronomers etc!!!

The first video discusses the falsity of the Aryan invasion theory using Veda as basis and exposing the bias and evil motive of western scholars and education system!!!

Second video verifies the continuity of Vedic Hindu civilisation along with Dwarka and Mahabharata

Scientific validation of the Vedas

If you notice, the people who really respect and accept the greatness of the Vedas and the true knowledge it holds are mostly mathematicians, astronomers, scientists, doctors and philosophers. Common historians and archeologists even today are funded by the church or other religious bodies that will not allow such secular information to be published on tv or magazines.

A classic case is the National Geographic (NG), History channel and Discovery programming. Most of the programs here are created by institutes/ Univ. based in the US who receive substantial funding from the church to promote their version of history or the white people version. What I find most funny is that major series on the Spartans, Greeks, Romans, Egypt, ancient world etc are created by US based historians and archeologists and their approach is completely based on conjecture and the narration is so authoritative and absolute as if the historian was really a first hand eye witness in the Roman senate or elsewhere in the ancient world. On the other hand Univs and research institutes in Egypt, Greece, Italy and Europe in general don't seem to care so much and have in fact given up their pretension to being the heirs to the Greek civilisation which they tried to appropriate earlier in the last two centuries (much to the consternation of the Greeks themselves) just like they tried to take away the ownership of the Vedas and Sanskrit or at least tried to deny the same to us.

PS: It has recently been discovered that T-Rex was actually a four legged beast walking on all four and not the bi-ped with two useless forelegs which we are used to seeing. Now the old theory is so much in circulation via movie and print that it was deemed too expensive and even confusing for people so attempt to re-education was dropped. Similarly if you see programs on NG the so called Paleologist from the US is so utterly convinced as a christian priest that he conjectures with authority as to how all these pre-historic beast looked like or behaved would make you feel that he actually was tending to them as a good shepherd.

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