Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The education of hate in Pakistan and bleeding heart pseudo seculars want us to embrace them!!!

I always have said that friendship between India and Pakistan will remain a pipe dream. The current generation and even the next generation wont be able to reconcile with each other especially on the Pakistani side simply because of the hate mongering that goes on not just in mosques and on streets but in schools.

Earlier I had merely stated that if children in Pakistan are educated and bred on anti India and anti Hindu curricula. Its practically impossible for them to change their mind once they grow up. Their education gets reinforced by their media and mullahs as they grow older.

In any case here is a link to a report created by two eminent personalities of Pakistan, Ahmad Salim and AH Nayyar a poet and a nuclear physicist respectively. This report was created nearly 6 years back for the Sustainable Development Policy Institute highlighting drawbacks and recommending solutions.

This a report that all bleeding heart liberals, candle light 'wallahs' at Wagah, pseudo seculars, news reporters, politicians and above all Pakistani nostalgics like Manmohan Singh should read.


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