Saturday, July 3, 2010

A window to the west!!!

From the time the west has been aware of India they have written thousands and thousands, probably even hundreds of thousands of books if not millions about us which are now voluminous tomes. Few are charitable but mostly they are negative with racist, religious and cultural bias which has gone on to colour western thought and perception towards India and Hinduism. 

Even today starting from travelogues, travel guides, coffee table books to serious books on Hindu culture, philosophy and religion the bias is visible. These books and ideas they have generated have ridiculed, cast aspersions on our heroes, authenticity, validity of dates and historical facts, poking fun at the numerous Gods of our pantheon without understanding our religion. 

How many of us have come across a book or popularly published journal  that openly criticises or reveals the chinks in western armour. The idea is to create a blog that will take the fight to the west and not continue to defend and hope to educate a biased system. Uncover the so called western superiority complex in their religion, culture and civilisation. Show to others how bigoted, hollow and morally corrupt their religion and civilisation is. For example uncovering little known facts about Christianity, how Christians destroyed ancient Greek and Roman civilisation, how Christians destroyed pagan Europe with steel and fire, corruption and sexual deviance in the Church, animal farms and meat eating creating heath hazards at a global level, philosophy, science and mathematics appropriated from the east, slavery, genocide of indigenous people in Africa, Americas, Australia and elsewhere, racism and discrimination, cultural depravity, debunking white superiority and many other such topics which should enlighten a reader. This blog will also try and cover various tourist destinations in Europe, America, Australia and elsewhere to highlight what can be expected from such people and places. 

The endeavour is to educate and inform the average reader in India and elsewhere that west and white does not always mean good or superior, in fact is just the opposite in most cases and let us not look to the west for help or approval or take their criticism too seriously in fact be armed with information to let them know that they shouldn't be the ones pointing figures at others.

For this endeavour to succeed I would invite participants who can post and share information which can go on to populate this blog. With Indians living and travelling in different parts of the world I would request them to share anecdotes and experiences as well as researched historical information in form of links or even empirical research.

Friends, if you agree with me and share my views then please post your comments and feedback I would like to hear from you both criticism and praise. Let me know your willingness to participate. 


  1. Count me in, but whom are you wanting to target in this new blog. Is there any use in doing it on another blog. Let us think.

  2. This is required more on the lines of what they don't tell you about the west and Christianity. It will be diff from the current blog.

  3. Thank you very much for posting this. I'd be thrilled to be a part of it as far as debunking the facts is concerned. I, however, would urge all the writers of this proposed blog, to be as objective as possible. I mean, examining a hypothesis (or a supposed misinterpretation of facts) requires an analysis that might involve self-evaluation and a critical analysis of indigenous culture and mythology (you call it religion, I don't. Being an atheist, I don't support any religion. But Hinduism / Buddhism being very different from the "divine" religions, always get my attention. I don't take them as religion, so I sometimes get profane to even them in order to get nearer to nirvana!).

    In this backdrop, you might need to bear with me. But rest assure, my analysis would never be an outcome of usual bias against the indigenous culture of this dharti. I try to dissect the popularly held beliefs, examine them and then draw an inference based on my very limited knowledge and even more limited - almost non-existent - wisdom.

    If your initiative is to bring out the truth and debunk the biased notions about the indigenous culture of our common heritage, I'm all with you. I take it as an opportunity to learn and contribute in my humble and meager way.

    Sir, if an argument lacks objectivity, it becomes propaganda. If we're trying to fight a negative propaganda, we cant win by being equally and oppositely propagandists. I'm sure that's not what you mean in your description above.

    In short, Me is there! Best of luck to all of us! :)

    Marvi Sirmed