Friday, August 27, 2010

A short 4 part series on the history of Sri Rama Janmbhoomi!!!

A 4 part series on Shri Ram Janmbhoomi. Some interesting facts are thrown up including an interview with Prof BB Lal eminent archeologist of India, numerous battles fought by various Kings spiritual and political leaders through the ages, travelers and British historians. Whats important to note is that we are not the first to fight for the rights to the hallowed grounds of Shri Rama, some have tried and have been victorious and many have perished in the process. So let us put our backs, hearts and mind to it and give one final push. Let it be known that in even in 'Kalyuga' truth triumphed over 'adharma' and deceit. Our Gods will bless us for this one good act. They may even come down and battle by our sides, they just wait for a sign from us to see how far WE can go to uphold 'Dharma'. Let us uphold 'Dharma'!!     

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