Saturday, March 16, 2013

Reconceptualizing India Studies!!

Must read book for those wanting to 'reset' social science studies in India. This is a path breaking book exposing the major flaws in current India studies. The book discusses the state of social sciences narrative as nothing but reproduction of colonial era studies of India which perpetuates a colonial era model.

The book argues that the post colonial studies in India is nothing but promotion of the same old colonial ideas it had set out to debunk, lacking a original framework to study India from the Indian perspective the current model borrows the Oriental/ colonial framework, thereby constraining the social science studies in India.

The book interestingly discusses how the colonial construct of Hinduism, Caste, Sati, Dowry etc is a construct of western consciousness, the way western people experienced India and not as it existed or exists in reality for the natives of India. At best the colonial construct tells us more about the western civilisation than the native Indian civilisation. In fact what Indians know about India is the western view of India and not the Indian view. So do we really know India or we know India from what the west has told us about ourselves, read on.

Prof. Balagangadhara is one of the brilliant minds of our times and offers a original frame work to study India.

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