Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Church invades via Hollywood block busters!

I was watching movie trailers of Noah and Son of God, two upcoming Hollywood block busters based on Christian mythology. West promotes its religious tales in epic movies which is soft power used for cultural domination. Arab world has banned these movies terming them blasphemy simply because they dont want their people exposed to rival religious ideas. In India and the rest of the world the movies will run and leave an impression on a already imprisoned mind.

With no effort being made to tell our own epic tales to a global audience India is fast losing it ability to take its culture to the world. Badly made Bollywood movie surely are not our cultural ambassadors and it surely does not reflect our ancient culture. Till the time we dont build our own 'narrative' to tell our history at our own terms and the way we look at the world others will impose their civilisations greatness on us and our people will accept it as the truth and we will continue to be under the spell of western greatness.

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