Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anti-India mindset entrenched in Pakistan -

Anti-India mindset entrenched in Pakistan -

This article is written by a leading journalist and consultant for the India Defense Review on Pakistani mentality and indoctrination starting from primary school education. Once again an appeal to the pre-partition nostalgics starting with lap pup Manmohan Singh, pseudo seculars, bleeding hear liberals, late night mombati border vigil walas and all others who want to profess friendship with Pakistan read this article, wake up and smell the sh*t.

I recommend additional reading of JN Dixit's 'India and Pakistan in war and peace', one of India's foremost diplomat ever. He was ambassador to Pakistan for a long time and had deep understanding of their mentality. If this book also is not able to shed light on Pakistani mentality towards India and Hindus in general then you should shoot yourself in the head and rid us of a fifth column that Pakistanis and muslim in India can use.

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