Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why does the west mistake Indian nationalism with Nazism and Fascism?

The western mind is coloured by the tragedy and problems it faced 65 years back with Fascist and Nazis and after a great struggle have managed to get themselves rid of these elements. If this has been good or bad for them is something only time will tell.

But the problem this poses for other countries especially India is that these westerners try to foist their sense of righteousness and political correctness upon us. They equate Indian nationalism (Hindutva) with Nazis and Fascist, completely forgetting the context, place and people.

Funnily the so called pseudo seculars in India living in their air conditioned ivory towers are towing this line completely forgetting this is not post war, traumatized Europe but India, where the people differ, history differs and above all culture and religion differs. Even more amusing is that these so called seculars are 20% Hindus and 80% non Hindus posing as Hindus who have no idea of Hindu religious philosophy and history. If they call Hindutva a Fascist ideology then they have no clue of what secularism is in the first place. People in India should leave them alone to their maniacal conspiracy theories and not give them importance.  

I urge the west to remove these coloured lenses and apply their intellectualism that they pride themselves upon more openly to broaden their horizons on problems people in India face and the subversion that is happening of the Hindu culture, partly imported from Europe and America by way of christian conversion programs and partly from Saudi Arabia by way of rabid terrorist wahabi ideology.  

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