Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Excerpts from the book Sarasvati River and the Vedic Civilisation by NS Rajaram Part 4

The Discovery of the Sarasvati River

The discovery of the Sarasvati River dealt a deathblow to AIT. It showed that the Sarasvati River, which supported the Harappan civilisation, was none other than the great river described in the Rigveda. This means that the Harappans were Vedic. Put another way, what it means is that cities and the other archaeological remains of the Harappan civilisation represents the material side of the culture and civilisation described in the Vedas.

That is to say, the people who created the Vedic literature also created the Harappan cities.

Ref: Sarasvati and the Vedic Civilisation by NS Rajaram

Note: It’s interesting to note that Indian school texts books don’t discuss the Vedic past of India or the Harappan civilisation in greater detail except saying that little is known yet (even till date i.e. 2010?). The books author (in most cases Romila Thappar) glosses over these topics and arrives at the Aryan invasion theory, declares the destruction of the ancient civilisation, end of chapter. 

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