Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Synopses from the book Sarasvati and the Vedic Civilisation by NS Rajaram Part 1

The invading Aryans have no memory of their original homeland

One of the most important anomalies in the AIT, which is worth pointing out, is that the Aryans know of no homeland but India. Though the Vedas and the Puranas have been memorized and preserved for thousands of years, the same people have no memory of having come from any foreign land. Also, there is no archaeological evidence of such a massive invasion for such a massive invasion in ancient times. But we are asked to believe that the Aryans, generations of whom were able to memorise and orally preserve voluminous records like the Vedas and the Puranas for thousands years were incapable of remembering the name of their homeland. Their memory was so bad that they thought India itself was their original home. This is first of the many contradiction of the AIT.

Ref: Sarasvati and the Vedic Civilisation by NS Rajaram

Note: By contrast if we look at Babur the Muslim Mughal invader who came from Uzbekistan who completely disliked India, its weather, its flora, fauna and more importantly its people in his biography Baburnama pines for his homeland paying rich tribute to Samarkand. Wouldn’t the Aryan invaders have done the same? But there is no such evidence in the Vedas or elsewhere. All geographical references present in the Vedas are about India and not of any foreign land. 

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