Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Adivasi the most successful one-word disinformation campaign in history

"Adivasi is the most successful one-word disinformation campaign in history"...Indians use descriptive terms like Vanavasi, “forest-dweller”, or Girijan, “hill people”, not the ideologically loaded and false term Adivasi. Dr. Koenraad Elst

The single most revealing statement in the entire article. People should bear in mind that its formed of two words Adi meaning primordial and Vaasi meaning resident. Meaning Primordial Resident. The connotation of this word thus is ...others came later and are invader or usurpers. The missionaries have cleverly used this word to divide the Indian society on caste, just like the term Dalit today connotes a separate indigenous group or non Hindu religious community. Dalits or the lower castes have been stripped of all Hinduism in popular narrative. The Indian media is peddling this unfortunate narrative. As Dr. Elst rightly say's for the Hinduism bashers Hinduism is caste and only caste.

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