Monday, August 8, 2016

Its time we put Country before religion!

MA Convent a school in Allahabad UP has banned the singing of the National anthem for the last 12 years. As per the school management the explanation for the ban is given below.

Source: New Indian Express
The Principal and 7 teacher's have resigned while the school management has stuck its position using religious tenets and injunctions to support the ban of the National anthem in the school. The school management has been arrested in the meantime. MA convent is not a Christian run school.

Source: New Indian Express
Indian government and political class for the past 68 years have been unable to separate religion from politics and have used religion as a tool for appeasement and votes. Constitutionally we have applied the label of 'Secular' but are far from practicing it. Secularism in practice is a burden only the Hindus has to bear, while the rest are exempt from it.

In India freedom to practice ones religion has been taken to the extreme level where religion has been put before the country and national interest. This has gone on for the last 68 years in the name of minority appeasement and vote bank politics.

1. Banning of Satanic Verses to appease Mullah's and making freedom of expressing a one way street. India was the first and only non-Muslim secular country do so.

2. Minority appeasement governing foreign relations, specifically with Israel

3. Shah Bano case and special Muslim personal law for Muslims was instituted which actually sanctions and approved Sharia. First non-Muslim secular country to do so.

4. Permission to use loudspeakers to call the 'faithful' to prayers 5 times a day 365 days a year, starting at 5:00 am is allowed in India, the only non Muslim secular country to do so. Never mind the fact that Supreme Court has banned use of loud speakers after 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. On this point I want to point out that people who want to go to the mosque to pray can always set an alarm, they dont need to wake up the rest of the country. In Bangalore where I live 3 mosques use their loudspeakers simultaneously right next to a very famous and large cardiology hospital. 

5. Travel subsidy for religious pilgrimage to Mecca and Jerusalem. Hindus dont get any such special treatment. In fact religious charity is a big concept in the Islamic and Christian religions, the rich among them should be encouraged to contribute towards religious pilgrimage rather than a secular government subsidizing religious travel.

6. India is the only non Muslim secular country which allows and even funds Madarsa's which have become breeding ground for terrorist and radical thinking.

These are just few instances that come to mind. There are many instances where minority appeasement which has lead to a situation where religious minorities have placed religion before the country without paying heed to the fact that its the Indian nation and the constitution which allows for such freedom.

Its time the government of India applies the uniform civil code and ensures a standard policies for all citizens of India irrespective of religious belief. If India is a secular nation then lets apply the principals of secularism uniformly and fully to all.

1. Ban all religious institution Hindu, Muslim and Christian. Government should allow only secular schools private or government. Religious teaching should not be institutionalized but rather make it the prerogative of the individual or individual religious groups. 

2. Wearing religious symbols or dress code to school and work place should be banned.

3. Government should standardize the curriculum and secularize the content not leaning towards any religious group.

4. All schools should be provided and drilled in secular model of conduct. The operation of the school which includes dress code, prayer code, National anthem, oath of allegiance to the nation of India and its constitution among other things should be included.

5. Basic and compulsory military training for all students which instills identity and discipline among the youth.

6. Revoke breaks in work day for prayers or religious activities. Work place should be devoid of religious symbolism. 

These are just a few recommendations, this list can be extended to all walks of life. I welcome additional points in the comments section.


A further update from Tufail Ahmed article in Firstpost on how a secular govt. cannot and should not fund minority institutions dated 9/08/2016

Source: Tufail Ahmed, Firstpost

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