Sunday, October 2, 2016

Movie: Agora, Conversion template perfected in ancient Greece and Rome

Agora is a historical movie made in 2009 recounting true historical events and facts. The movie hit controversies when made. The Vatican demanded a preview of the movie before release and demanded many cuts and changes. It was also blocked at several movie fairs and movie festivals by the Church and organizers. Many progressive European countries outrightly banned it.   

The movie follows the life of Greek scientist and astronomer Hypatia. The movie is set in ancient Alexandria, Egypt, a great center of learning - Alexandria was home to scientists, philosophers, scientific thinking and probably the greatest and biggest library in the western world which housed scrolls and books of wisdom and science from ancient times. In 391 A.D. Christians clergy in their continuous quest to convert and impose their religion on people conspired to undermine ancient Greek culture and violently usurp power with the aid of neo converts and disgruntled slaves destroying the classical civilization of Greece and Egypt.

Agora is a movie which has special significance for Indians because we are at this moment witnessing such a conspiracy at various levels to undermine the ancient culture and civilization of India. Whether its through mass media, movies, Judiciary, religiously motivated political blocs India's ancient Hindu culture and civilization is continuously under attack.

Viewers will recognize the template which the Christians perfected nearly two thousands years back in Greece, Rome and Egypt. Its about deception, inculturation, undermining law and order machinery, undermining and influencing political decisions, campaigning against Hindu traditions in the name of progress and modernity is visible and exposed in this movie. Indians, especially Hindus should watch this movie and be doubly sensitized and aware to the Christian shenanigans. Their attempt to Christianize India is not purely through conversation but also by taking over the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature of the country to wield more power than their small numbers allow. Its a dark game, its a evil game played by the so called Devine Christian Church.

Link to movie Agora

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